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   Mosaic Connection is a community driven place for parents and caregivers of neurodivergent children.   

Get Connected and

Find Belonging  

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Your parenting journey can feel quite different from those around you. Everyone wants to feel part of a group.  Mosaic connects you with other parents honestly and nonjudgmentally, to experience encouragement, validation and to find your people.


A diagnosis of Autism, ADHD and or a Learning Difference can cause confusion and create more questions. Resources from others on this journey is invaluable. Mosaic brings all the pieces together or points you towards help.


Feeling exhausted, confused and isolated is not a place most parents want to be.   Unsure of how to cope with your feelings or how to enjoy this journey? Mosaic can lead you to a place of peace.


Meet Carrie Cassell

Getting in the Boat:

The start of my parenting journey was full of optimism and dreams. Visions of what I thought it would be like. If you have ever been white water rafting, it feels like when you are gearing up. You start envisioning the fun and the thrills.  The guide then gives instructions and a safety speech and what to do if you go overboard out of the raft. I always listen but I never really think it will happen. I am more excited about the fun adventure that lies ahead!  I am dreaming of the laughs that will be shared and the new things to explore.  I had this same attitude with parenting. I was dreaming of all the fun snuggles and adventures that we to come. I knew there would be challenges; you are raising a human, but like potentially falling out of the boat, nah it won't get that bad!  However, I had no idea the challenges and journey that was mine to endure and navigate when my first son was diagnosed with developmental delays, both physically and mentally at an early age.  At nine months of age, I found myself being the only one in my "mommy playgroup" whose child was receiving ECI in-home treatments. I felt alone, insecure and sad.  Sad for my son’s struggle and sad for mine. This is not what I pictured motherhood to be like.  It's like when you are on that rafting trip and you hit the first small rapids and you think oh that was a little surprising, I'm not so sure I really like this. Is it all going to be like this? Maybe I don't want to do this anymore. I didn’t know how to process the emotions that were flooding over me, and my fears.  First-time mothering comes with are doing something you have never done before. You read the books and ask others to learn. But my child needed more than those resources provided and I felt lost, unsure of the future and alone. 

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Core Values of Mosaic Connection






Life coaching

Mosaic Mentorship

Spend time venting and expressing all your thoughts and feelings with someone who "gets it".   You will leave this conversation feeling seen, validated and more empowered.

Group Hug

Community Membership

Membership gives you private access to the individuals who make up Mosaic Connection.   Members interact in a private  FB group, have access to additional resources and ideas from others, zoom meet ups, interviews with professionals, fun, and endless encouragement and support.

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The Journey Towards Seeing Your Child as the Beautiful Masterpiece They Are, Begins with Connecting Honestly With Self and Others.   Join Us Today!

Carrie is such a breath of fresh air.  When I meet with her, I feel seen and not alone.  She encourages and reminds me of truth that I know in my head, but my heart can have a hard time believing.  She is a wealth of knowledge, and I always love my time with her.

- Cayce A.

Being a dad of a son with autism in a sports-crazy society can be isolating.  I was tempted early on to pretend that everything was "normal" but to avoid team sport interactions.  Yet in seeking out and developing friendships with parents of neurodivergent kids, I learned to treasure my son's interests.  Relationships within the neurodivergent community validates and reassures us that we are not alone and our kids have skills and talents that may just need to be nurtured in an unconventional way.  

- Andrew E.

I'm a parent of a neurodivergent child, and Carrie has been a blessing and an encouragement to me during what is often a difficult road to walk.   She is authentic and uses her personal experiences to connect with others making them feel less alone.

- Natalie H.

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